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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why bamboo?

A: Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants on Earth. Unlike trees, all bamboo plants have the potential to grow to a full height and girth, in a single growing season of 3–4 months. This helps minimize our dependency on our forests therefore making bamboo a truly “green” product.


Q: How light is the case?

A: The MacBook cases are just a little over 2 pounds and the iPad 2&3 case is about 1 pound, which is extremely light for being made out of solid wood.


Q: What are the dimensions of the cases?

A:  The 13” MacBook Pro case – 14 ½ X 10 ½ inches and 15” MacBook Pro case – 16 X 11 ½ inches. The iPad 2&3 case – 9 x 10 ½ inches.


Q: What iPads fit in the iPad case?

A: The iPad 2&3&4 is what the case fits. It will not fit the first generation iPad.


Q: What’s inside the case?

A: The inside is lined with wool felt.


Q: How do I clean the case?

A: Any type of wood furniture cleaner would be sufficient. Or you can simply wipe it with a damp cloth.


Q: What is the finish you use on the case?

A: We use a rub-on tung oil which make the grains in the bamboo really stand out, and finish it off with two coats of rub-on polyurethane, which hardens the bamboo and makes it look as if you poured liquid glass on the case.


Q: Is it breakable?

A: We wouldn’t recommend dropping it, the case may not make it through a hard impact. The case will protect the computer, like a helmet protects your head. What would you rather have a broken case or a broken computer?


Q: What is your Warranty?

A: The cases are warranted to be free of manufacturer defects for 1 year. We are not responsible for any damage that could occur on your Macbook or iPad.


Q: Do you ship outside of the USA?

A: Yes, we are currently shipping world wide. International Shipping costs apply equally for any destination outside of the USA. 


Q: What payment do you accept?

A: Any major credit card.


Q: When is my order shipping?

A: If we have your case made already, it should only be around a week or so . If we do not have your case made, 2-4 weeks max, and if you would like we can keep you updated with pictures on how your own personal case is coming.